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6th Istanbul International Inventions Fair - ISIF'21


  • Marketing your inventions and to promote information sharing
  • Having a great opportunity to have your ideas and inventions promoted in the Turkish market
  • Showing your invention, new product or new technology to manufacturers, investors, distributors, licensing firms, and the general public
  • Turning your investments into profit by protecting and developing your invention through the negotiation of licences
  • Meeting and making fruitful contacts with manufacturers, commercial agents, promoters, financiers, users and entrepreneurs of all kinds, both national and international, who come specially to this Exhibition from many countries
  • Having worldwide media attention from radio, television and print media
  • Obtainig ISIF medals and prizes particularly for market introduction of your inventions and innovations
  • Having longstanding partnerships with inventor associations from all over the world – organized by under the patronage of International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA) marketing experts, IP information suppliers, patent attorneys, and technology transfer firms will also participate in the exhibit to help participants commercialize their inventions.


Manufacturing and commercial companies and enterprises - individual inventors and private researchers – enterprises – consultancies - Patent Offices - Technology Transfer Organizations - private and state-owned research institutes and other organizations –science parks – technoparks- laboratories - universities - IP related institutions - patent brokers and promoters of innovation – inventors associations and similar bodies - service and financial organizations – publishers.

Regional, national and international organizations may also appear as exhibitors to present their activities, services and programs.